Newsletter No. 6

Greetings all

A happy and fulfilling new year to you all.

There are many Interfaith events planned for 2009.  The culmination of these should come at the end of the year with the Parliament of World Religions to be held in Melbourne 3-9 December - more information as the year progresses.

In the meantime we have a number of local activities planned.  The first of these is a general meeting of our North Brisbane Interfaith Group.


General Meeting
Thursday 26th February 2009
Aspley Uniting Church, 748 Robinson Road, Aspley

•    Interfaith reflection, meditation, prayer  -  Dr. Brigitta Beer
•    Planning the Interfaith Youth Rally for June
•    The Imam & the Pastor  - film and discussion
•    Light refreshments                   

RSVP   asap

Some of you have enrolled for the Interfaith Summit  - One Humanity, Many Faiths to be held at the Brisbane City Hall, February 18 – 21, 2009.  If you have not enrolled and would like to attend please contact the Multi Faith Centre on 3735 7051/2.  Our Group is one of the supporting organizations for this event.

On this page you will find a copy of my Report on the activities of our Group for 2008.


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