Cell Groups


A group of people who, when it gets to maybe twelve, the group divides (like a cell does), to make another group.

In times past, groups who got together were called “Bible Study Groups”.

Each Cell Group may be a little different, e.g. sometimes certain ages may join together (youth, young adults, young families, and older people).  They may meet weekly or fortnightly, evenings, day-time, or weekends, but basically are meant to learn about their faith, pray and study the Bible.

Some ways are:-

  • Studying the Bible Readings in the Uniting Church Lectionary as used in this church, to assist members with knowledge of the upcoming Sunday’s readings.
  • Study a book, e.g. William Young’s The Shack, or The Prodigal Son by Timothy Keller.
  • Share a meal together.
  • Watch a DVD recommended by a member.
  • Go as a group to hear various speakers, e.g. Philip Yancey, author of many books such as “Where is God when it hurts?”

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